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5 de Noviembre, 2007 | Archivado en: Diseño

Wordpress crystal

1blogtheme is a 3-column, blue-and-white theme with a minimalistic design.

BlueQ is a 2-column, dark theme with a very simple, clean layout.

Drifting is a 2-column, simple theme with light blue colors.

Homeschool is a 3-column theme designed specifically with homeschool blogs in mind.

Inele is a 2-column, professional-looking theme with white, yellow, and brown colors.

RedWave is a dark, 3-column theme with complementary red colors and a Web 2.0 design.

WPTG is a 3-column theme, blue-and-white theme that’s ready for Adsense.

bbPress Post automatically posts new blog entries as new threads in your bbPress forum.

Custom Query String Reloaded replaces Andy Beard’s Custom Query String UTW Edition which worked with pre-2.3 WordPress version and the UTW plugin.

WP Custom Title Colour gives you the ability to customise the title colour for any post via a panel in the sidebar of the write page.

WP-Debug uses the Krumo framework for debugging allows WordPress developers to see everything that’s going on behind the scenes.

WP DigiClock embed a flash digital clock into your wordpress blog, either in a post or page, or within your blog’s template (in the sidebar / header / footer etc.).

Dynamic Tags Widget takes all the categories from your blog and
automatically generates a dynamic 3-D tagfield.

Explore is a Windows Explorer-like plugin that is useful for navigating through sites that have a complex page hierarchy.

Get Recent Post from Feed creates a list of recent post from your other blog, not from current blog, useful for when you have a second blog you maintain.

Peter’s Collaboration Emails enables automatic e-mails to the relevant users when posts are pending and when they are approved.

Business Sense is a 2-column theme perfect for a business blog or site.

Extended is a 2-column theme with a Web 2.0 look and bright colors.

Fotosky is a 3-column theme with 3-column footer that features a clean and simple design.

Lizard is a new dark skin for the Shifter theme that allows you to choose between 4 page widths including fluid width

New Yorker is a 3-column, fluid, newspaper-style theme with lots of window dressing.

Tech Moz is a 2-column theme with beautiful lines and colors.

Bloomingday is a 3-column, green theme with flowery header.

Brownie is a 2-column theme with a header image guaranteed to tickle your sweet-tooth.

DGA Design 01 is a 2-column, Adsense-ready theme with blue color scheme.

Godfrey is a single-column, gray-and-red theme with custom shaped content areas and dual bottom information areas that display Recent Posts, Categories, Search Bar, Blogroll, and Meta Information.

InKarm is a 2-column theme with red, black, and white colors predominant.

Star’eve is a 2-column, dark theme with minimalistic design.

WordPreciousss is a 2-column, minimal theme that uses skins to change, layout, and format.

1 Blog Theme is a 3-column theme with horizontal menu and 3-column footer.

3MOS is a 2-column theme with orange background and collapsible header.

dfMarine is an attractive 2-column theme with 3-column header.

DivCubs is a 3-column, dark theme with a customizable About section in the sidebar.

Henrietta is a single-column theme with collapsible header that emphasizes your blog’s content.

LOTR Back to History is a 2-column theme with a Lord of the Rings design.

Mellowed is a nice 3-column theme with soft blues in the header and clean layout.

Shifter Fluid 180 is another 2-column theme that provides the option of switching which side your sidebar appears on.

Zen 8 is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with support for Adsense and SEO-optimization.

ApploPress is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with an Apple-like layout.

DIYTheme is a 3-column theme with seven different header images to choose from.

Funkey Curves is a 2-column theme with pastel colors and a curvaceous content area.

Magtastic is a 3-column theme with a newspaper/magazine-style layout.

Mimbo has been updated to add a number of new features, including a third column, widget support, and others.

Shifter is a 3-column, minimalist theme with sidebar columns that can shift sides.

Sport Fishing is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with a ‘fishy’ layout.

Designer Blue is a 2-column theme with blue colors and static background.

Pink Dots is a 2-column, pink theme.

The ProCut Theme Series is a set of a professional, light-weight themes designed for professional sites.

Serious Ric is a 2-column, dark theme with a smooth design.

Yves Saint-Laurent is a two-column, pink theme designed for the company’s launch of the new ‘elle’ fragrance.

Curved is a 3-column, widget-ready theme that sports a variety of features including Top Commenters, Frequent Tags, Twitter, among others.

Geek with Power is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with light colors and rounded corners.

Lovely Rose is a 2-column, fixed-width theme with beautiful header image and static background.

Minimalia is a single-column, minimalistic theme that requires the use of a couple of plugins, which are bundled with the theme.

ElegantBlue is a 2/3-column, widget-ready theme with support for tags and separated comments and trackbacks.

Integral is a 2-column with light green, blue, and white colors.

Jello Walla Mello is a news/magazine style theme with sub-page design for individual entries and separated comments and trackbacks.

Linear is a simple, gridded theme for WordPress. Also check out Overshadowed and Verso by the same designer.

Rihanna is a 3-column theme with lightweight design and built-in Flickr support.

sIMPress is a 3-column theme that is compatible with WordPress 2.3 and supports ads and SEO.

Tumblelog is another tumble-style theme that hugs the left side of the screen.

Widejournal is a 3-column theme built on Sandbox with support for tags.

Wine Cellar is a 3-column, widget-ready theme with support for tags.

72 Class is a 2-column, black-and-white, minimal theme.

Ali Nazik is a 2-column, black-and-white theme.

Dream in Infrared is a gorgeous theme with an elegant layout and support for WordPress 2.3 tags.

Missille is a 2-column theme with a custom logo.Newspaperize is a 3-column, widget-ready theme designed for news blogs and sites.

Nextgen is a 2-column, simple theme with soft, rounded corners. Also check out Flowery by the same designer.

Reverence is a 2-column theme with dark, rich colors.

PElegant is a 3-column theme with a basket weave background.

Ranting Pink is a 2-column theme designed for Pink for October.

Trevilian Way is a very sharp-looking theme with a magazine-style layout.

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